Israel Association of Graduates in the Social Sciences and Humanities



Who are we?

The Israel Association of Graduates in the Social Sciences and Humanities (IAGSSH) is considered one of Israel's largest organizations of university graduates, currently representing approximately thousands of professional members, including those employed in some 2,000 workplaces - government agencies, institutions of higher education or private business and industry. The IAGSSH was founded in 1956.

What are we doing at present

In order to further its aims, IAGSSH engages in a wide range of activities such as:

Seminars, conferences, lectures and professional tours.

Initiating discussions on public issues through the "Academician's platform".

Cultural and social events..

Publication of a learned journal.

Establishing ongoing contacts with sister associations in other countries.

Providing research grants.

Social activities in the community to instill democratic values.

Integration of academicians from minority groups into Association activities.

Social acitivities to bring the various communities and immigrant groups into closer relations.

Active participation in international programs to assist third world countries in their scientific programs.

Objectives of the association

Raising the academic level of its members, and crystallization of their public position and status.

Encouragement of research projects, both basic and applied, by members of the Association.

Active involvement of the Association and its members in Israeli public affairs, society and science.

Development and fostering of ties with academic institutions and associations of social and human sciences in Israel and abroad.

Social absorption of academic immigrants.

Cultural and social activities for Association members.

Membership in the association

Members must be graduates of universities of at least a B.A. level, either in Israel or abroad.


Institutions of the association

National Convention

Honorary Presidency

Chairman of the Association and Deputies

National Management

Committee for International Relations

National Committees

Association Court

Study Groups

Local Managements in the following local branches: Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Beersheba and Ashkelon.


Honorary membership

Personalities of renowned academic status or holders of important public positions.



The IAGSSH is interested in cooperating with similar associations/institutions in the world through the exchange of study groups, research programs, guest lectures, etc.



Israel Association of Graduates In The Social Sciences And Humanities

Head office: 2 KAPLAN st. LOD 7138502, Tel. 08-6171349 . Fax. 08-6171347

www.academic.org.il, e-mail: info@academic.org.il

Chairman: ELI SAAR